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My Mother’s Cookbook Intro

As far as I can remember my mom has always been the main cook of the house hold. I didn’t realize at a young age that not everyone had a mother who cooked meals made out of scratch every single night . It wasn’t until I was a lot older and living on my own for the very first time that I realized what it actually took to feed a family of five every night . The preparation and time it took not to mention the daily cleaning of the kitchen. My mom was a stay at home mom for my older brother and some parts of my childhood . When my sister was born she started working full time and she still maintained cooking full dinners every night of the week . She never cut corners . Her way of showing she cared was through the food she made every night.

Years later when I finally moved out from my parents home I was so excited to finally have my own space so do whatever I want. I remember most nights consisted of buying frozen chicken patties and instant mash potatoes which was not an acceptable dinner choice for every night of the week and I have to admit I was still proud in that I made it all by myself. I can’t believe I didn’t understand why I felt lethargic and for the first time ever in my life started gaining weight ! I wanted to learn how to cook like my mom but it was daunting and it was so much easier to just go to her house and grab extras that is until years later I moved even further away and her cooking was not readily available at all. I think back fondly to her meals and her cooking was always well balanced and although not always the healthiest do you guys remember the trend of having fryers in the kitchen and frying everything from fries to fish sticks? Yup that happened in my childhood and it was delicious and very greasy ha! Well for 97% of the time my mom’s cooking was delicious and nutritious. With every year that has passed I have learned little bits here and there but I wanted to go more in depth. At 31 years old now married to my wonderful husband of 3 years now full time home maker and hopefully a mom sooner than later . I wanted to start learning how to make full balanced dinners with using least processed foods just like my mom.

I wanted to give you a little family history because it’s incredibly important to me for everyone to appreciate and celebrate their own cultures! You see my family is Dominican and as a Hispanic American women culture has always been very important to me . Speaking Spanish and food is the biggest connection to my culture so I hold is sacred . I would not allow myself to miss out on learning the dish recipes that have been passed down to my mom and now they would be passed down to me .

One of the first hurdles I saw ahead on this journey was “ingredient ” limitations. I mentioned before I have been Vegetarian for the last 6 years. Meat being a huge aspect of Dominican cooking I was baffled to how I would be able to do it . My mom was actually inspired by my way of eating that she started experimenting with vegetarian options for my husband and I. So far she’s made us eggplant meatballs and vegetarian lasagna. She uses the same seasonings from my childhood and it made me realize its okay if I don’t eat meat . With the right herbs and spices I can get an authentic flavor that I can pass down to my kids one day!

In the last 3 months I moved closer to home and I now that I get to spend some more time with my parents I figured it was perfect timing to start learning! As a way to start keeping track of all the dishes I will be learning from savory dishes to pastries. I have asked my mom if she will join me in doing a “how to” once a week and I would use my blog to share it . Please stay tuned for these blogs posts ! First one will be a bread pudding . I am so excited to not only be learning but I also get to spend time with my mom in the kitchen. I hope to do the same thing with my future kid .As always thank you for taking the time to read my blog. Stay tuned and join me on this cooking journey!

Happy Homemaking!


Beauty on a Budget

My Simple Beauty Routine

I have always been the been the type of gal to browse the shelves at my local drugstore to see if I can find the next best product for my skin . The one solution to all my skin problem in that next product or so I thought. I have tried everything from Proactive to Aveeno. My Skin has always been an issue. It gets oily easily, it dries out easily and it breaks out easily. Now at 31 years old I have started shifting my choice of products. I cleared out everything out and kept it simple .

The first Product I started using was a whopping 1 dollar at my local Dollartree store, Pear Soap. Company was created in 1807 by Andrew Pears in London England. It’s been a big part of women’s beauty regime for decades and now a part of mine.

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At first I was scared of the idea of putting soap on my face. Modern day advertisement has taught us you need to buy products that say non comedogenic basically a product that will not cause pores to be blocked. The thing is I look back in admiration of the women in the past. The complete look all started with the products they used for their skin and it can be found in their regime and they didn’t have the same worries so I committed to using it. At first I will admit my skin had to get use to it . It dried out a little but with right steps I was able to keep my skin feeling good. Now my skin is completely use to it . And it only cost me 1 dollar sometimes cheaper if it’s on sale.

Next step I had to make sure I followed daily is a proper moisturizer. The ingredients in bar soaps are made to dry it out after using it. Those same ingredients cause that to happen on your face . But I don’t want that to scare you off with a good moisturizer it really helps balance out you skin . I recommend using a moisturizer daily regardless of what products you use to cleanse your face ! The cream I love to use is Pond’s Moisturizing Dry Skin Cream and also their Cold Cream Cleanser when I want to remove my makeup first and then cleanse with Pear Soap! They are both incredibly moisturizing . I bought each jar for around 5 dollars . It can range from 5 to 8 dollars each . It smells incredible and very soothing on the skin. I absolutely adore these two products.

“The Pond’s company was invented in the United States as a patent medicine by pharmacist Theron Pond in New York of 1846. Mr. Pond extracted a healing tea from witch hazel which he discovered could heal small cuts and other ailments. The product was named “Golden Treasure.” After Theron died, it would be known as “Pond’s Extract. Pond’s Company was merged in 1955 with the Chesebrough Manufacturing Company.

If you would love to read more in depth I have added link

( I do not own these images, I found them on google search for sharing purposes)

It’s incredible to think these products have been around for so long and they are still available to this day. It is now a big part of my skin routine along with facial masks twice a week to a retinol serum it’s never too early to start . Easier to take the steps to delay than it is to reverse. Using these products not only makes me feel connected to the ladies of the past but also it saves me money which is always a bonus. As a homemaker mindset is always in savings. And this had definitely saved me money . There’s no need to spend 100 dollars on a small skin prep, cleansers, toners, serum, creams, moisturizers and sprays! Sometimes the skin just needs a simple clean approach.I hope you find this article helpful. I would love to know what your favorite skin regime is!

Homemaker & housewife,


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Independent and Feminine

When you think of traditional housewife the first things that might come to mind is a women in the 1950’s wearing her lovely apron with a spotless kitchen and red lipstick on all while making a pork roast for her husband before he gets home from work. It’s a lovely idea but most days I can barely style my hair properly. I love makeup and I absolutely getting ready but trying to always looks perfect everyday has never been easy for me. . Modern day our standard have definitely relaxed I feel a little too much. A lot has changed since then but there is a lot that is quite the same. Women in the past were married young and also had kids very young. They were raised in a religious home. And they followed a traditional standard american diet. Personally speaking I am an independent voter, I am not religious and I am not a feminist. I am also a vegetarian and I eat gluten free. I waited to get married in my late 20s and I have waited to start a family. I’m a full time homemaker, but I sell part time on esty as well as I fill out Surveys that pay for our groceries every week! ( more about that in future post) I pick up my husband from the train station everyday and I always make sure he has a hot meal at home waiting for him.This isn’t about who is what and if I am right . This is more to show that a modern day housewife and homemaker is more dynamic then what people are aware of. I admire the past but I am also very much a product of our modern day. As a millennial I grew up listening to Britney Spears and playing Barbies. I fantasized one day I would marry Nick from Backstreet boys, ha. I could not genuinely relate to a women of my age in the 1950’s because I was raised very differently but there is one major tie that links the past to today. Choice or lack of.

Choosing to be a homemaker is not an easy way out . In fact I still struggle with knowing if others are okay with my choice and I struggle with letting go if they accept or not. Women for generations now have always been limited to their choices. I can sense the judgment when I let people know that I have chosen to take care of the household, husband and someday soon a baby. My parents always taught me get a good job that pays good money and you will have a nice car, nice home and good lifestyle. And up until last couple of yearsI did just that . I worked my way up to a General Manager position. Six days salary work week I worked from 7 am until 8 pm because I wanted to impress my boss. I worked multiple part time jobs and I loved the opportunity it gave me to interact with others but at the end of the day something was always missing. I was a strong career women and I worked hard and was so worn out I barely could keep my home tidy but that was accepted and never looked down upon. My home you ask? I wish I could say I was a queen of balancing it out . I would love to tell you that I kept it spotless and dinner on the table. My husband and I also worked opposite hours so we were just passing through roommates that every once in while had a day off together. We would cram tons of activities and lots of shopping and spending because we figured we deserved it after a long work week on both our ends . Reality is we had good money coming in but our home was disorganized, messy but passable and we ordered out most nights which made is nearly impossible to save at all. With both of us working opposite hours it just made it easier to order out late at night and call a day. Most weeks we literally lived pay check to pay check. If we had guest we had to take an entire day off to make our home presentable. I thought this was normal. This is what it means to be an adult . You work hard and you exert all your energy at work and relax at home . But where is the time for the work needed at home? Cleaning, organizing, errands, grocery, laundry and lastly but the most important savings.

In the past women were pressured to put family first we have completely gone the opposite direction and now we no longer accept a women who chooses to put her family and home first. As a modern day housewife I pride myself in learning how to cook, organize, clean, host and be there for my family . I make the effort everyday to make the ones around me feel safe and happy and cared for. When I’m tired I can see the pay off at home and in our saving account . We no longer go out to eat everyday instead I pick out new recipes and I am inspired to make delicious meals at home with groceries that I have a tight budget for. We feel better and again we save money.

Not every person wants to a be stay at home partner and honestly I am sure there are tons of people who can actually balance out a full time job with full time homemaking . I am just not gifted in that way . But if you choose to go down this path because you and your partner want this for your family then I feel women should have the choice to do so without the tip toeing around the topics of “not working” “not making money” A word of advice I have been given to from multiple people. ” it’s your life, no theirs.” If your husband and you make the decision together then it shouldn’t matter what others think.

My goal in life is to provide the best memories for my family. Be it through my home and the the day to day moments. I look forward to filling photos albums of kids in our cozy home. Holidays when we host gathering with friends and a happy well fed and taken care of husband on my side. when I look back I want to see my home filled with photos and grand kids not an office with photos of staff holiday parties. Although that can be a great time! ha. I hope more people can see how beneficial it is to have both a hardworking career orientated women as well as a hardworking and passionate homemaker and housewife. Equal and strong. There isn’t a standard for what the right path is. I’m just learning that this is my path and that it is okay. If there are others who may feel a similar way I hope you know you are not alone in these views. Homemakers should stick together!

Happy homemaking,


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Bridal Shower Small Talk

Two day ago my sister’s future mother in law Carmie threw a bridal shower for her. It was at her mother’s home Cora, Carmie’s childhood home. As we pulled up I noticed the adorable little yellow Ranch house instantly. My sister and I made our way to the back yard and we were greeted by Carmie’s sister Francine , Two cousins, her mother Cora and her friend. It was instant connection and good conversation. To see how much this family cared for my sister was also very touching. Although small talk is usually not my cup of tea I found myself constantly talking and asking questions to Cora. Let me tell you about Cora. Nearing her 90’s she a spunky women. She wore a baby blue plaid sleeveless button down and white shorts, Her hair was short but styled wavy she had a classy look to her but not overdressed. I learned she got married in the late 1940s to her one and only boyfriend. She was 17 years old when he asked for her hand in marriage. They met in a textile factory. Eventually he stated to her that it was between her and another gal on the third floor of the factory. It made me chuckle the idea of having a guy say that to you today would have made any girl rage in jealousy but Cora gracefully stated ” and that other girl was so beautiful but he ended up choosing me” with a big smile on her face. You can tell she was brought back to that moment. With how fascinated I was and I’m sure all my question gave it it away. Cora started showing me photos of her wedding day. Classic black and white photos. She wore a long lace dress slender with her hair styled perfectly she was absolute perfection. And her husband was very handsome they both stood there with a strong presence captured in that photograph. It was displayed proudly on her living room wall . Of course I had to look around the entire home! I was surrounded by shadowboxes, orange shag carpets and beautiful floral hurricane lamps. You could say I was in heaven. There were tons of photos of her kids and grand kids you can see how important her family is to her . To have every wall and table covered in photos. I could go on and on about how beautiful her home is . You can see the mesh up of decorations through each decade. Guys even her bathroom was the cutest. Not one thing out of place . Not even the duck ceramic with fake flowers on the toilet back to the a crotchet toilet paper holder. Blue Sink and matching blue tub. Everything in her home matters and it shows.

I think at the end of the day my obsession with this detail is that behind every home there is women with a story. Her home is reflection of that story .

As my sister joins this family in marriage I can see that she is starting to appreciate the stories. And I love knowing shes joining a family with such strong women. She was fascinated and just as intrigued listening in. My sister is 6 years younger than me and on her own journey of discovering the kind of woman she wants to be. She is getting married in less than a month . Already starting to get into the idea of decorating her home and what it actually takes to put together two individuals liking’s into one. First apartment is always awkward meshing of hand me down furniture and big box store purchases to fill in the necessary practical items. It’s where you learn what works for you. In today’s world we are not really taught how to make a home feel like a home. And myself included it has taken me quite a few years to get to a point where I’m happy. I find myself taking care of everything because I want to preserve it and display it proudly.

The major difference between Cora and her generation and modern day . We don’t care to preserve our furniture, clothing and even kitchen ware because we know we can just toss any item out and buy the next new thing. Cora’s home has furniture from 1940s through 2019. That is absolutely incredible. If you saw the condition you could imagine it as new as the day she bought it . From 1950s kitchen table and 4 chairs to her mustard 1970’s stove top and matching oven. Again I told you guys I’m obsessed with her home and probably looked crazy in aw at everything .

After everything I dreaded going to Bridal shower although I am so excited for my sister and I want to be there for every moment . But I find something not being able to do small talk with strangers If any of you can relate, I’m just awful at small talk. I’m so happy to have had that moment to share with my sister and her soon to be family in law. But I also left with this strong sense of being on the right track . I started a home making journey and I have just recently went full time. And it’s been exciting, scary and nerve wrecking to put your family and home first before a career. But after leaving Cora’s home I found comfort in knowing that family at the end of it all is the most important thing in life . Her four grown daughters sourround her and you can see the value they hold in the memories she gave them. Through their stories and the way Cora’s home reflects the family’s journey.

I hope to one day have that. A girl who might be marrying into my family and maybe seeing me in the same way I saw Cora.An almost 90 years young spunky classy women who would have much rather gone to the casino with the guys for bachelor party instead of the bridal shower. Who preserves every piece of paper instead of throwing it out and uses it to mark her tally for card game night with the girls. To the mother who kept every single one of her daughters mother’s day cards in a wooden chest . Who still blushes when she speaks of her husband and the day they met. I hope that my story of Cora and my own homemaking journey will inspire younger generations like my sister to fall in love with their homes and how they want their life journey to be captured. Every detail matters.

Happy Homemaking,


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New Beginning, Moving And A New Era

Hello there,

Oh my how time has flown by! Feeling inspired and excited to share my life update. We currently went through the headache of moving from one state to another. Deciding what to bring from the last home was a whole ordeal. Our new building was made in the 1970’s and it inspired my husband and I to heavily lean towards that era whereas our last home we had a more Midcentury 50’s design which consisted of lots of blue. Safe to say I’m obsessed with all orange, yellows and browns now. Second major ordeal was moving our pets. Stress that is moving your fur babies is very real. It was awful but they are chipper and loving all the new running space!( Photos will follow at the end! ) It’s been a solid month since we have moved here and we are still not done unpacking and decorating. Looking back at all the moving craziness I was thinking about the positive sides to it . You see the beauty of moving is seeing exactly how much junk you have. Odd bits and thingamajigs and just getting rid of it! Moving has given me the chance to be able to start from ground zero with organization and structure. It has been pure bliss and I know other homemakers will relate. Knowing everything is exactly where it belongs is pure satisfaction. But don’t get me wrong my advice is not to move every time you feel your home news a little bit of a declutter. Just some encouragement that there is a light at the end of the tunnel when you’re going through a moving process.

Jack looking majestic behind our vintage curtains
Miss Penny Butt being lazy in our new kitchen
Oh hai Jack yes you can have my food.

I’m so excited to share more about my journey on homemaking. I hope to meet others with the same passion.

Happy Homemaking,


Organization and Cleaning

Heart Of A Home

It’s taken me some time to get my kitchen to where it is. I had stuffed my cupboards with food, cleaning products, mismatched plates, bowls, drinking ware you name it and it was stuffed in there. As long as the door closed it was fine by me. My Kitchen has slowly become a collection of things I adore and it’s become one of my favorite rooms in my home. I enjoy the space and cleaning it is a breeze. Let me tell you it took me a few steps!

First important step is taking everything out of your cupboards and giving your shelves a good cleaning. I love using the lemon disinfectant wipes and then using a moistened cleaning clothe and little bit of elbow grease! Just like your clothes the things you tend to reach for last makes it into the back of your shelves just taking up space. Once you have decided what you wanted to keep, donate or throw out now let get to the good stuff ! Dollar store plastic bins have become a staple in my kitchen and they always come in a variety of colors. It helps keep clutter from reoccurring . It will take revisiting after few weeks to see how it’s working out. You might find that clutter is happening and it could be something as simple as adjusting where you place items. For example, snacks in my home are very popular and the basket I had intended for it was too small and we found ourselves cramming too much into it. So keep in mind the size of the containers for the items you intends to put in it .

Next important part of making a kitchen a more enjoyable space is caring about the small details. For example Instead of having a plastic dish soap bottle on the counter I have replaced is with a blue ceramic dish dispenser. It’s a small thing that makes it feel a little more special . When you surround yourself around things you love it makes keeping it tidy and organized a breeze .

Lastly taking quick 10 minutes everyday to tidy is the most important part. I must confess I don’t keep my dishes perfectly cleaned and dry every night . After every meal I make sure to soak dishes and pans in the sink and I leave it until next morning as long as its off the stove or counter top I am happy with it. Which can sometimes be a struggle I have two cats and their food is on the counter and they always spill there food . It only takes me a few minutes next day to do the dishes because they had soaked night before. Doing this has cut my time of cleaning. I’m currently working on the same process for my tiny bathroom that has litter box and no storage space. I will have that up soon!


kitchenretro kitchen

kitchen 2

I hope you find some inspiration, happy tidying ! 🙂

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Welcome! Let’s Get Started…

Welcome to my little corner of the internet . My love for retro clothing, unique furniture, new recipes and organizing has blossomed into a passion for home keeping. I work part time as a barista. My husband Matthew and I are parents to Penny, a mixed breed Bassett Hound and two cats, Cooper and Jack. We live in a small 1 bedroom apartment in Boston that has slowly transformed into a home that I am in love with . My life couldn’t be further from where I am now. A year ago, I was working as a Manager in a specialty market in one of the fastest growing neighborhoods in Boston . I continued on the path of growing my career by working long days, 6 days a week . I felt accomplished having a salary based job and feeling like my opinion mattered. I put all of my energy in to making the business successful . For the first time in a long time money was not an issue, but we did not have the time to budget towards savings or for fun. Meals consisted of ordering out almost daily. If we happened to have an evening off together we would order out and watch TV out of exhaustion and convenience. The idea of even cleaning seemed so far from my mind after working a 10 hour shift . Our apartment would progressively get messy. We found ourselves cleaning on our days off, and trying to get all of our “adulting” done in one day. As far as I saw it, I was in a high position and getting paid well so I was on the right path to becoming successful. While success was nipping at my heels in the work place, ultimately home life was suffering and I was not happy. I felt sadness and bitterness. How could I have everything together at work, but feel like my own life was somewhat falling apart? I grew up thinking success is tied to work and how much you earn, but no one tells you how to balance it out with family/ spouse time. Why didn’t I have it all ?